Stafford Township

260 East Bay Ave | Manahawkin, NJ 08050

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Stafford Recreation Mission Statement

The mission of the Stafford Twp Recreation Department is to fulfill the recreational needs of the community and to develop a variety of quality programs that fit and address these needs. We offer a full range of programs and events for residents of all ages.  The staff is dedicated to this mission and with the support of Mayor and Council diverse recreational programs and leisure services are offered which enhance the physical, social and cultural growth of all residents. Your recreation department is committed to providing professional leadership and well-supervised age appropriate activities at affordable prices at convenient times and locations.

Summer Programs, Special Events, Senior Programs, and Athletic Associations are just a part of what we do to enhance and improve the quality of life for Stafford residents, while promoting citizen involvement and helping to build a strong sense of community.

Remember “Our Work is your Leisure”

Meet the Staff

Betti Anne McVey, Recreation Director

p: (609) 597-1000 ex. 8557 | e:

To acquire, develop, operate and maintain a park and recreation system which enriches the quality of life for residents and visitors alike and preserve it for future generations. Assures that all programs are dedicated to giving your family the best possible experience with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Jason Hazelton, Supervisor of Children’s Programs

p: (609)597-1000 ex. 8578 | e:

To provide diverse recreational programs which enhance the physical, social and cultural growth of children and to lead with intelligence adaptability while maintaining a positive disposition.

Jennifer McBrien, Supervisor of Adult Programs

p: (609)597-1000 ex. 8573 | e:

To provide challenging and rewarding programs for adults of all ages which offer a full range of activities that lead to developing friendships and learning new skills while understanding the importance of empathy and adaptability.

Gail Bott, Director of Municipal Alliance

p: (609)597-1000 ex. 8585 | e:

Help build a community of caring, confident & responsible young people through a state wide network aimed at the prevention of alcoholism and drug addition. Working with local police and community members to conduct peer mentoring programs such as Project Graduation for SRHS.